Refurbished Gearboxes

Which Gearbox to Choose, New or Refurbished Gearboxes?

Having to replace a gearbox on a machine can be a very costly and long-winded process. In cases where the gearbox of a machine has a fault or is broken, it can put a whole stop to a company’s manufacturing process. This could consequently cause a delay in the running of your business and possibly profit to lose if the gear has broken on an essential machine for the day to day running of a business. However, do not panic, we have a quick and easy solution to get your business and machinery back up to full speed with our refurbished gearboxes service. But what is the difference between purchasing a new gearbox and refurbished gearboxes?

Refurbished Gearboxes

New Gearboxes

Buying a brand-new gearbox may seem like your only solution but this can be very expensive and, in most case, ends up costing more than the machine itself. All though there are some positives with the purchase of a new gearbox such as the gearbox having a long service life because it is a brand-new unused gearbox there are still a considerable number of negative factors that suggest that purchasing refurbished gearboxes is the better option.

On the other hand, there are also negative factors to consider when purchasing new or refurbished gearboxes. The gearbox you require is not always readily available this can cause the issue of the gearbox you require not being in stock meaning you may have to wait for one to become available or order from a central warehouse overseas. This can cause further problems down the line for your business, having to wait on units becoming available can cause you and your business to come to a standstill.

Also as mentioned previously brand-new gearboxes come with a very high price tag; it is worth considering whether the cost of the new gearbox exceeds the value of the machine.

New or Refurbished Gearboxes

Refurbished gearboxes

Purchasing refurbished gearboxes could be the solution to all your problems. Many gear companies have expert teams of engineers who specialise in the restoration and refurbishing gearboxes. This process involves the gearbox being completely stripped down and all aspects of the gearbox are checked for wear, tear and any damaged parts on the gearbox are replaced.

The common misconception about purchasing refurbished gearboxes is that the gearbox will be of lower quality. This is not the case the parts and specifications that need replacing are matched to those of the original manufacturer therefore the quality is similar if not the same as purchasing a brand-new gearbox.

Furthermore, when purchasing refurbished gearboxes, it is essentially the same as you are buying a new unit but without the expensive price tag to come with it. In many cases, reconditioning a gearbox instead of buying a new one is a more economical route to take for most industrial companies. The goal when producing refurbished gearboxes is to reduce downtime to a minimum resulting in a quick, efficient and high-speed turnaround. Therefore, ensuring the refurbished gearboxes are returned to our customers as soon as possible and to the highest standard of quality.